Outfit: Colorful Beach Dress

Moín !
This week I spend my days on a little island named Usedom.
So here's finally a post :)

My vacation was awsome! The weather was great and the island is wonderful..
But the best fact: I spend the time with my boyfriend :3 [my Teddy]

This dress is wonderful because it's made of thin material and I can wear it on hot days. I wore it on the beach and it was excellent! It looks like summer and party and hot hot days. I love it? Yes, I love it..

The Outfit: 
Dress: H&M
Watch: ROLEX
Necklace: Vintage
Ankle Chain: I think my mother gave it to me a few years ago...
Ring: Bought it on Usedom in a little shop :)

Hope, you enjoyes my photos :) I know, there aren't much great ones, but I wanted to share this dress with you ..
Are you on holiday?

See U soon,
Maikie ♥


Outfit: Flowerdays


Oh my God, I love it .
I bought it on sunday, when I went to a jumble sale. For 8 Euros! 8€!

It's so beautiful *.*
Like a artful watercolor painting. So colorful and so soft. Like spring, like summer.
Like a happy day full of flowers. 

 The Outfit:
Dress: MALVIN 
Shoes: MONKI (1.5 years ago)
Ring: from my Grandmother

Do you love this dress, too ? 

Look at this post, too: FLOWERPANTS

Hope, you enjoyed my post :)
Hope, you had a famous day ;) 

Flowerful Greetings,
Maikie <3


Outfit: Almost backless

I know, it's a long time ago.. The weather was aweful and so I can't go out to take pictures. Maybe I just didn't want to.. 

I wanted to make a post about this shirt for a long time. And I'm going to make other posts about it, too, because there are a few great combinations in my mind. 


Skirt: H&M
Shoes: AKIRA
Skarf: my mom made it herself
Rings:  engagement ring, heirlooms, the double ring: H&M

I know, many girls hate it: Not wearing a bra.
So, if you want to wear backless clothes, you can wear also this:

It's a self-stick bra - you can buy it in many online shops - google it! 
 I haven't got one, but I think, I'm going to buy it ... 

Does anyone have experience with it? 

I love backless tops and dresses and I want to wear it more often :) 
Do you like my outfit? Do you like tops like these?

Maikie ♥